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Welcome to the Global Capital Markets Group

Computershare’s global solutions offer international issuers, of any size, and other capital market participants a range of cross-border advisory services and solutions to attract, retain and connect with potential investors. Our Global Capital Markets Group (GCM) draws on a wealth of experience and insight into international markets to provide support in three key areas:

1. GCM’s innovative range of Solutions have been created to help issuers, advisors and capital market participants access international markets and efficiently execute cross border business

2. Operationally, our Global Transaction team, a dedicated group of highly experienced personnel, is able to rapidly move securities across international markets, in order to efficiently settle cross border transactions

3. GCM provides expert support to Computershare’s businesses, clients, partners and other stakeholders worldwide by developing appropriate strategies to take advantage of critical
Market Developments in major markets.


"We were thoroughly impressed with the speed and efficiency that Computershare were able to establish the DI service within a very short timescale. The confidence and knowledge of the DI service that Computershare brought to the transaction was lacking in some of their competitors and ensured that the Admission deadline was not missed."
Alex Price
Manager, Corporate Finance
Allenby Capital Limited

"The Computershare team responded very quickly in setting up a DI service to ensure our clients listing date was achieved. We found Computershare to be highly professional, efficient, friendly and responsive."  

Paige Xia
Zhonglun W&D LLP


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